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Visiting the Opera Garnier; a guide

Book your visit to the Opera Garnier and discover this incredible opera house located just a few steps from your Hotel Daunou Opera. This splendid ballet and opera performance venue, which first opened its doors in January 1875, is ready to welcome you.

The Opera Library-Museum

The collections of the Bibliothèque-Musée de l’Opéra National de Paris trace three centuries of Paris Opera history. Five adjoining rooms present year-round temporary thematic exhibitions and a permanent gallery gathering 500 paintings, 3,000 other works of art, 3,000 stage jewels and nearly 2,500 set models.

The rotundas

The Rotonde des Abonnés once allowed direct access for subscribers (abonnés) from their carriages to the building’s interior. It boasts 16 majestic fluted columns of white Italian and red Jura marble.
The Rotonde du Glacier, where refreshments were once served, is characterized by its brightness and wonderfully painted ceiling.

The Grand Foyer and the small salons

The magnificence of the Grand Foyer is breathtaking. This vast and opulent hall has an arched ceiling covered with superb paintings reminiscent of those of the Sistine Chapel. Beautiful chandeliers illuminate this place once dedicated to resting, strolling and high society. At each end can be found the Salons de la Lune and du Soleil (Moon and Sun), one silver, the other gold, where mirrors reflecting the rich décor play with your sense of distance.

The Pythia Basin

Once past the Rotonde des Abonnés you will discover the Pythia Basin, a fountain decorated at its centre with a statue representing the priestess oracle of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

The Grand Staircase

Continuing your visit, you’ll reach the marble Grand Staircase leading to the Grand Foyer and the auditorium’s various levels. On the ceiling is a magnificent painting depicting mythological and symbolic scenes. 

Book your stay now to discover the wondrous spectacle that is the Opéra Garnier!


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